Unified Champion Schools

Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools® builds on Special Olympics’ values, principles and practices to shape a generation that welcomes everyone.

With sports as the foundation, the three-component model offers a unique combination of effective activities that equip educators and young people with tools to create sports, classrooms, and school climates of acceptance. This is accomplished by implementing activities in the following areas:

The program is designed to be woven into the fabric of the school, enhancing current efforts and providing new opportunities that develop and support a socially inclusive school that supports and engages all learners. Unified Champion Schools engage students through unique combinations of activities, that include 3 components: Unified Sports, Inclusive Youth Leadership, and Whole-School Engagement.

What a Unified Champion School “looks like” can vary greatly from school to school, based on the needs, goals, schedules and other factors unique to each school; but the basic building blocks remain the same.

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