Interscholastic Unified Sports

Unified Sports combines persons with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team for sports training and competition. South Carolina is considered a national Leader among state Special Olympics programs for developing Unified Champion Schools where students are involved in Unified Sports.

Interscholastic Unified Track & Field

  • Is a sport within interscholastic competition that Follows the governing by-laws and general philosophies and procedures of the SCHSL, including season start date and competition start date.
  • Is a sports program that utilizes Special Olympics Participation release forms, including Athlete Medical & Release forms For students with Intellectual Disabilities and Class-A Volunteer Applications For non-disabled unified partners.
  • Is an alternative to a school’s varsity track & field teams and does not replace those teams. Athletes and partners would not be eligible to participate on both varsity and unified teams.
  • Sees all individuals as contributing members of the team, regardless of ability or disability.
  • Rewards team success rather than individual accomplishment.
  • Combines scores or creates unified relay team combining athletes with and without intellectual disabilities, identified as “Special-Athlete or “Unified Partner”.

Unified Track & Field Events will include, but are not limited to…

100-meter race, 4x100m Relay, 4x400m relay and Shot Put (or more designated events agreed on by the district office or athletic department)

  • During interscholastic (“regular season”) events, schools are encouraged to include unified opportunities in other traditional events

What can Unified Sports do for your school?

Unified Sports allows all students, regardless of ability level, the opportunity to share their skills and talents with the school and community. On the court the partners and athletes learn the value of teamwork and the importance of inclusion in all aspects of life. Off the court, the students build friendships and lasting relationships that will impact their overall school experience.These feature stories highlight real-life examples of the impact of Unified Sports on all participants!

What can Unified Sports do for students with intellectual disabilities?

Unified Sports gives students with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to have a”typical” school experience.The program helps build confidence and important social skills while giving students with intellectual disabilities a chance to create new friendships.

What can Unified Sports do for Unified partners?

Unified Sports gives students an opportunity to be agents of change in their communities. It helps partners realize that everyone is more alike than different and encourages students to be accepting of others. It also allows Unified partners an opportunity to fit in to something at school, feel acceptance, be active and most importantly have fun!

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