Athlete Leadership Program


The purpose of Athlete Leadership is to empower Special Olympics athletes to develop leadership skills and utilize their voices and abilities to take on meaningful leadership roles, influence change in the Special Olympics movement and create inclusive communities around the world.

Current Athlete Leadership Roles and Opportunities:

  • Athlete Leadership Council
  • Athletes as Special Olympics Global Messengers
  • Athletes as Health Messengers
  • Athletes as Fitnes Ambassadors
  • Athletes as Board Members
  • Athletes as Storytellers
  • Athletes as Interns
  • Atheletes as Committee Members
  • Athletes as Coaches
  • Athletes as Volunteers

Principle 1

The first principle is Education and Awareness Building utilizing the Unified Leadership approach to developing leaders. Building from spot, Unified Leadership teaches leaders (both those with AND without ID) that we
all have a responsibility to develop diverse leaders.

Principle 2

It is important that all non-Special Olympics athletes have a choice in how ad where they lead in Special Olympics. This is their program, and staff and volunteers are here to support them. But for them to succeed, they need to be
trained in the areas that they choose to pursue.

Principle 3

Special Olympics athletes hold the power to change the world throught sport; that is the organization’s founding principle. Athlete Leadership teaches our athletes to gain the knowledge and confidence to lead the programmatic work. This
is their organization-we are here to support them.

For more information becoming an Athlete Leader, contact Anna Parks at AParks@so-sc-org