Team South Carolina Wins Big In Seattle

News | May 18th, 2016

Special Olympics South Carolina is so proud of Team South Carolina! They really worked hard and played hard at the Special Olympics USA Games last week. Team SC consisted of 166 athletes, Unified Partners and coaches.

Team South Carolina was the 4th largest delegation among 3000 athletes competing in 14 different sports over the duration of the week.  The University of Washington, Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University and various bowling lanes and golf courses hosted competitions.  Athletes competed against athletes from all over the country.  Team South Carolina had athletes competing in 11 of the 14 sports offered: aquatics, basketball, bocce, bowling, flag football, golf, gymnastics, powerlifting, soccer, stand up paddleboard, and tennis.


2018 Special Olympics USA Games South Carolina Delegation and Awards

Basketball (Unified) — Silver
Courtney Armstrong, Greenville
Rick Green, Greenville
Walker Griffith, Unified Partner, Greenville
Austin Hester, Unified Partner, Greenville
Jacob Ingram, Greenville
Whitney Trexler, Unified Partner, Greenville
Josh Wall, Unified Partner, Greenville
Zach Ward, Greenville
Lucas Ward, Unified Partner, Greenville
Jon Wesley Barber, Greenville

Coaches: Brittany Bynum, Greenville;  Lara Ceisel, Greenville

Bocce (Singles)
Marcus Crowder, Easley 6th – Singles; 4th – Team; 5th – Doubles
Lizbet Cruz, Gaston 4th – Singles; Bronze – Team
Lillian Elmore, Orangeburg 6th – Singles; 4th – Team; 6th – Doubles
Jason Hames, Clinton 6th – Singles; 6th – Team
Becky Keith, Iva 5th – Singles; Silver – Doubles
Bruce Osborne, Williamston 5th – Singles; Silver – Doubles
Maya Patterson, Easley Silver – Singles; 4th – Team; 6th – Doubles
Tyler Poole, Easley 4th – Singles; 5th – Doubles; 4th – Team; 5th – Doubles
Donnie Price, Clinton 5th – Singles; Bronze – Team
Diane Valenza, York 6th – Singles; 6th – Team

Bocce (Unified)
Lizbet Cruz (A) and Sara Lackey, Swansea (P) Silver
Jason Hames (A) and Tawana Rice, Clinton (P) 6th
Diane Valenza (A) and Thomas Valenza, York (P) 6th
Donnie Price (A) and Valerie Rice, Clinton (P) 5th
Coaches: Lesley Aycock, Spartanburg;  Bob Holcombe, Anderson;  Denise Satterfield, Clover;  Shelby Thomas, Clinton

Bowling (Singles)
Joe Boggs, Inman 5th – Singles; Silver – Doubles; Silver – Team
Kekola Boyd, Newberry 4th – Singles; Silver – Doubles; Silver – Team
Nicole Brock, Anderson 5th – Singles; Silver – Doubles
Davontae Brown, West Columbia Bronze – Singles; 5th – Doubles; Bronze – Team
Tina Cook, Rock Hill Bronze – Singles; 6th – Doubles; Silver – Team
Tammy Darcy, Boiling Springs 5th – Singles; 6th – Doubles; Silver – Team
Abraham Dendy, Clinton 6th – Singles; 5th – Doubles
Meredith Farich, Columbia 4th – Singles; 6th – Doubles; Silver – Team
Kathy Gilmore, Clinton 7th – Singles; Silver – Doubles; 4th – Team
Courtney Hampton, Swansea Bronze – Singles; Bronze – Doubles; Bronze – Team
Ansley Hayes, Liberty 4th – Singles; 6th – Doubles; Silver – Team
Shawn Mock, Aiken 6th – Singles; Silver – Doubles; Silver – Team
Sean Montion, Anderson Gold – Singles; Silver – Doubles; Silver – Team
Audrey Olson, Gaston Silver – Singles; Bronze – Doubles; Bronze – Team
Mathieu Rocca, Bluffton Bronze – Singles; Bronze – Team
Andrew Storey, Hilton Head Island Bronze – Singles; 4th – Team
Willie White, Aiken 7th – Singles; Bronze – Team

Bowling (Unified)
Mathieu Rocca (A) and Colette Rocca (P), Bluffton 4th
Kathy Gilmore (A) and Ann Grady (P), Clinton Silver
Andrew Storey (A) and Greg Storey (P), Hilton Head Island Silver
Davontae Brown (A) and Faye Hicks (P), West Columbia 5th
Willie White (A) and Dennis Richardson (P), Aiken 5th
Coaches: Patti Myers, Rock Hill; Nicole Cartwright, Easley; Allyson Panzino, Simpsonville; Mark Beck, Inman; Mary Kennedy, Lexington; Kurt Wyndham, North; Dennis Richardson, Aiken

Flag Football (Unified)  4th place
Matthew Cox, West Columbia
Emilee Fertick, West Columbia
Oko Gogo, West Columbia
Lucas Kirby, West Columbia
Dominique Richardson, West Columbia
Dione Richardson, West Columbia
Josh Salley, West Columbia
Carlee Vella, West Columbia
Domnil Williams, West Columbia

Coaches: Richard Gardner, West Columbia; Queen James, West Columbia

Golf (Singles)
Jessica Johnson, Georgetown Gold
Scott Rohrer, York Gold
Coaches:  Jeff Rohrer, York; Summer Altman, Pawleys Island; Perry Cummings, Charleston

Caddies: Elizabeth Rohrer, York

Golf (Unified)
Chris Conant (A) and Ansley Pridemore, Mount Pleasant Bronze
Andrew Johnson (A) and Todd Johnson (P), Whitmire Silver
Jennifer Corley (A) and TJ Trimeloni (P), Charleston 4th

Krystal Gross, Newberry Silver – Vault; Bronze – Bars; Bronze – Beam; Silver – Floor; Silver – All Around
Alaina Johnson, Greenville Silver – Vault; Bronze – Bars; Bronze – Beam; Silver – Floor; Silver – All Around
Michelle Melton, Easley 5th – Vault; 4th – Bars; Bronze – Beam; Bronze – Floor; Gold – All Around
Alexa Myers, Lexington Gold – Vault; Bronze – Bars; 4th – Beam; Gold – Floor; Gold – All Around
Micah Randall, Spartanburg 5th – Vault; Gold – Bars; Bronze – Beam; Bronze – Floor; Silver – All Around

Coaches: Virginia Cassell, Pickens and Emily House, Pomaria

Brian Pittman, Rock Hill Silver – Bench press; 4th – Deadlift; Bronze – Squat; Bronze – Combo
Tyler Chambers, Swansea Bronze – Bench press; 4th – Deadlift; 4th – Squat; 4th – Combo

Coach Eric Hubbs, Rock Hill

Soccer (Traditional) Silver
Katie Beck, Hanahan
Josh Bellamy, Cottageville
Travis Dearing, Summerville
Luke Dumouchel, North Charleston
Timerick Footman, Lincolnville
Terrell Holmes, Summerville
Stephanie Miller, Summerville
Megan Queen, Summerville
Anna Stonesifer, Isle of Palms
Adam Welch, Summerville

Coaches: Phil Dumouchel, North Charleston; April Ramirez, North Charleston                                      

Soccer (Unified) 4th
Teresa Boehme, Rock Hill
Jason Elkins, Rock Hill
Grant Field (P), Rock Hill
Jillian Garrity (P), Rock Hill
Jonathan Hemphill, Rock Hill
Kaitlyn Marr (P), Rock Hill
Danielle Maurer, Rock Hill
Rickey McClure, Rock Hill
Ian McKeown (P), Rock Hill
Tommy Mitchum, Rock Hill
Josh Myers, Rock Hill
Alan Parks (P), Rock Hill

Coaches (Unified): Kathy Covington, Rock Hill; David McKeown, Rock Hill; Garnet McKeown, Rock Hill

 Stand Up Paddleboard
Maddie Haag, Cayce Gold
Kaitlin Lawrence, IrmoParticipation Ribbon
Kenny Manigo, Elgin 4th
Cameron Miller, Lexington Gold
Coach Rachel Maxwell, Lexington

Jesse Godsey, Taylors
6th – Back stroke; Gold – Freestyle Relay; Gold – Freestyle
Jonathan Griffin, Lexington 5th – Back stroke; Bronze – Freestyle
Emily Jose, Mount Pleasant Gold – Back stroke; Participant ribbon – Breast stroke; Bronze – Freestyle
Kayla Mabry, Greer Silver – Back stroke; Gold – Freestyle Relay; Gold – Freestyle
Jason Morrow, Tryon Silver – Freestyle; Gold – Breast stroke
Emily Saverance, Rock Hill Gold – Freestyle; Silver – Back stroke
Kathleen Stoller, Simpsonville Participant ribbon – Back stroke; Gold – Freestyle Relay; Silver – Freestyle
Max Wolff, Surfside Silver – Freestyle; participant ribbon – Back stroke
Coaches; Shelli Davis, Mount Pleasant;  Scott Wentzky, Rock Hill

Tennis (Singles)
Chris Arnott, Bluffton Gold Doubles; Gold Singles
William Dennington, Bluffton  4th Mixed Doubles; 4th Singles
Kristin Locatelli, Lexington Silver Doubles; 4th Singles
Maya Perry, Johns Island Silver Doubles; Bronze Singles
Giri Rajagopalan, Charleston Gold Doubles; Silver Singles
Anna Stewart, Graniteville 4th Mixed Doubles; Gold Singles
Erin Coats, Lexington 4th Singles
Alyssa Bacher, Summerville Gold Singles;
Matthew Legons, Aiken Participation ribbon Singles

Tennis (Unified)
Alyssa Bacher (A) and Susan Simmons (P), Summerville Gold
Matthew Legons (A) and Carl Rapp (P), Aiken Participation ribbon
Erin Coats (A) and Nadene Coats (P), Lexington Gold

Coaches: Nanette Howerin, Columbia; Kathy Cramer, Bluffton; Kevin MacFarland, Mount Pleasant

Track & Field
Paul Blanton, Summerville Bronze – 200m Run; Bronze – 100m Run; Participation Ribbon – Shot put
James Boyter, Laurens Gold – 100m Run; Silver – 200m Run; Bronze – Shot put
Jamal Briggs, Laurens Gold – Softball throw; Bronze – 50m Run
Angela Etheridge, Summerville Silver – 50m Walk; Silver – 50m Run
Michelle Godfrey, Effingham Silver – Mini Jav; 6th – Shot put; Silver 400m Walk
Lavorne Powers, Laurens 6th – 100m Run; 5th – 200m Run; Participation Ribbon – Long Jump

Coaches:  Larry Williams, Enoree; Kayla Haymes, Gray Court



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