SC teams compete in National Unified Bowling

News | March 8th, 2017

Four areas from around South Carolina sent Unified Bowling teams to Las Vegas, Nevada for the Special Olympics USA National Unified Bowling tournament. Teams from Areas 4, 7, 8 and 16 all brought home medals and ribbons in both doubles and team competitions.

Team Competition

Area 4
Paul Benton, Tim Benton, Amanda Hughey, Ranelle Hughey — Bronze

Area 7
Eagles Elite 1: Carlee Vella, Emilee Furtick, Madelyn Haag, Kori Bernhagen — Bronze
Eagles Elite 2: Davontae Brown, Faye Hicks, Lucas Kirby, Kailynne Crosland — Bronze

Area 16
Ten Pins: Jenny Bell Bellamy, Scott Carter, Monica Williams, Theresa Boseman — Silver
Four Musketeers: John Gurley, III, Eric Purcell, Pat Purcell, John Gurley, Jr. — 5th

Area 8
Texas Corpus/SC Area 8: Debra Cuellar, Lauro Cuellar, Louis Visslailli, Anna Myers — Gold
The Incredibles: Nick Mikkelson, Zack Biondi, Corey McCall, Kevin McCall — Bronze
Fantastic Four: Scott Truitt, Cyndy Ford, Jan-o Sum, Greg Ford — Gold
Bluffton/Hilton Head Strikers: Mathieu Rocca, Colette Rocca, Andrew Storey, Greg Storey

Doubles Competition

Area 4
Amanda Hughey/Ranelle Hughey — 4th
Paul Benton/Tim Benton — Gold

Area 7
Lucas Kirby/Kailynne Crosland — 4th
Carlee Vella/Emilee Furtick — Gold
Davontae Brown/Faye Hicks — 5th
Madelyn Haag/Kori Bernhagen — 4th

Area 8
Mathieu Rocca/Colette Rocca — Bronze
Scott Truitt/Cyndy Ford — Gold
Louis Visslailli/Anna Myers — 4th
Corey McCall/Kevin McCall — 5th
Nick Mikkelson/Zack Biondi — Silver
Jan-o Sum/Greg Ford — 4th
Andrew Storey/Greg Storey — Gold

Area 16
Scott Carter/Monica Williams — Gold
Jenny Bell Bellamy/Theresa Boseman — 5th
John Gurley, Jr./John Gurley, III — Silver
Eric Purcell/Pat Purcell — 4th 

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