FAQ’s about donation requests

Why do I receive calls and letters requesting support from Special Olympics South Carolina and who is a legitimate fundraiser?

Special Olympics South Carolina utilizes the most efficient means to contact current and potential donors. We are part of a centralized direct mail program offered by Special Olympics North America that allows us to raise required funds in the most cost-effective manner. Due to our limited staff structure, participation in this program and work with our telemarketing vendor, Heritage-Medallion, allows us to reach a maximum number of annual supporters who are critical in providing financial support through phone or mail-in pledges. Special Olympics South Carolina is also partners with Dial America, a privately owned telesolutions company that contributes a portion of their magazine subscription sales to SOSC.

How can I change the frequency of appeals or be removed from Special Olympics South Carolina’s contact list?

You can e-mail Devin Koop, or call her at (803)404-5518 and include all of your or your loved one’s contact information so your request can be correctly processed. Please note that if you would like to be removed from our mailing list that it is likely that you will receive one or perhaps even two more mailings as our mailing lists are put together very far in advance.

Valid addresses

  • State Office: 109 Oak Park Drive, Irmo, South Carolina 29063
  • Charleston Satellite Office: 520 Folly Road, Suite P, Box 332, Charleston, SC 29412
  • Heritage Medallion (telemarketing): PO Box 907, Columbia, SC 29202-0907
  • Special Olympics Direct Mail program: PO Box 1479, Columbia, SC 29202-1479

How can I change or update my magazine order?

Dial America Customer Service: 1-800-210-8716

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