Meet Frankie Antonelli

banner | June 13th, 2017

Frankie Antonelli is a twenty-year-old college freshman in the Clemson Life Program at Clemson University.  Frankie credits his well-rounded background, versatility in life and sports and positive attitude for his first 20 years.  Special Olympics, staying active and making healthy choices are factors contributing to his success. 

It hasn’t always been easy to choose fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  Most recognize the temptations of taking a shorter path or cutting a few corners is always an option.  But for Frankie, he has modeled his athletic efforts behind a small but important catch-phrase. When asked how he feels after taking on any task or challenge in the classroom or the playing field, he responds “I feel strong and powerful”.   This phrase instills confidence, positive body language and an ear to ear smile.

Special Olympics has given him options to play, motivation to participate and the intangibles of being part of a team.  He has felt the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat thru sports and that’s awesome!   He has won countless state titles in swimming, numerous medals in golf and basketball and met amazing and inspiring athletes and volunteers who genuinely want to help him win.  Our family has shared some important life lessons together . . . it’s not about the awards, it’s about the rewards.

Sports is the Antonelli Family Crest for a house full of boys with parents who work in sports careers.  Special Olympics has given Frankie the opportunity to compete, set goals, create healthy lifestyle habits, learn how to be a part of a team with responsibilities, and prepare for college.  Special Olympics has given him the confidence to hold a job, give speeches nationally on anti-bullying and spin some of the best tunes as “DJ Frankie Smooth” (Available for summer bookings).

The first twenty years have been fulfilling, exciting and rewarding and Special Olympics shares a place in all his life experiences.  Can’t wait for the next twenty years!  Thank you Special Olympics!



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