Meet Keith Frostick

banner | February 28th, 2017

Keith Frostick, 64, has been involved with Special Olympics for most of his adult life, more than 30 years! It all started when he got involved through his group home. Keith was also one of the first Global Messengers in South Carolina. This isn’t his first World Games, he’s competed in swimming at the 1995 World Summer Games in New Haven, Connecticut and skiing at the 1997 World Winter Games in Toronto, Canada.

Keith’s sister described him as shy and says he tends to keep to himself but that Special Olympics and sports bring out the best in him. “He’s very athletic and wants to do his best!” Special Olympics really brought out Keith’s confidence. He knows he can achieve his goals and sometimes do better than someone without intellectual disabilities. He’s been training hard for World Games and he says he’s ready to compete! Keith is so excited about traveling to Austria and being a member of Special Olympics USA!

When he’s not participating in or watching sports he loves music and doing puzzles.


Keith during a training run on the slopes in Killington, Vermont.






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